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Innovation Breakout

Sponsor Innovation Breakout Sessions showcase new products and best practices for efficient cash handling, forecasting, and more. Delegates have dedicated time throughout the program to continue their conversations with top suppliers in our Sponsor Exhibition where breaks and receptions will be held for continued delegate education.
Unlike a typical tradeshow environment, the intimate atmosphere of the Asia Cash Cycle Seminar, with its focus on developing connections with one another, encourages meaningful engagement between clients and suppliers to allow strong business relationships to flourish.

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2019 Breakout Sessions

Scalable cash center solutions - automation drives performance

End-to-end processes and automation are key elements for small cash centers as well as for large cash centers.

Cash Cycle and cash center data management – software drives performance

Data is everywhere – we all should use it for efficiency purposes. There is so much unexplored data potential in the cash cycle as well as in your cash center.

Securing your assets and deployment of security measures for the ATM

An overview of securing ATM machines and how the high security lock industry can ensure the assets are protected.

Disrupting the Traditional Cash Cycle

“Cash” – a medium that is used to transfer value – It also happens to be the fundamentally-accepted means for transactions in most parts of the world. With the evolving financial landscape and the continuous disruption the Fintech’s are creating, there is a direct impact to cash and the efficient management of cash won’t be the same as we knew it before. Have you considered the consequences this would have on your cash operations and bottom lines?

Smart Safes - Entry Level Cash Management Technology

Cash Management and increasingly labour-intensive operational cost with mundane cash counting tasks and all related issues around it.

Circulating Cash is in the increase by new methods of cash availability outside of the traditional banking system. This requires for banks and retailers to be smarter about their Cash Management. Reliability and Simplicity are key for increased performance. ARMOR with its CacheNET Family of products delivers to Retailers and Financial Institutions means to revolutionize the way cash is handled and managed from end to end "Turning Cash into Digital Information". ARMOR changing the way the world counts cash.

The role of secure and durable banknotes in the cash cycle

The cash cycle is marked by its security and resilience. Cash is a public good, part of a national infrastructure, and we, the suppliers to the industry, have a key part to play in making sure it keeps going. While armouring a vehicle, securing an ATM, and defending a cash centre are very visible signs on how important cash is, we feel that the note itself, the material it’s made from is one of the foundations of the trust implied by the use of cash. In this session we’d like to explore the part that a secure and durable substrate plays in this essential utility.

2019 Innovation Sessions

Migration to Automated Cash Processing

Over the last decade, we’ve heard more about a “cashless society” and that “cash is king” may be a thing of the past. But will this be true in the near term? Recent official currency in circulation figures suggest that there is a significant increase in currency in circulation in many countries, including in Sri Lanka.

CITs/CMCs play a pivotal role in the currency lifecycle to help minimise the cost of cash whilst optimising cash usage. No bank or financial institution can afford to let cash stagnate in their vaults or safes simply because the cash has not been processed. It is no easy task for banks and CITs/CMCs to ensure overnight cash processing without a “Migration to Automation” – which would benefit all in the cash cycle.

Making the best Decisions based on data analysis

Banks regularly collect information on the movement of banknotes into and out of the cash cycle, how many notes are in circulation, which denominations are most used etc. De La Rue has developed Analytics software that can use this existing data to provide graphic displays of various aspects of cash usage, velocity etc. This means that greater insight can be gained on what is actually happening to the notes in the cash cycle, leading in turn to informed decisions on structure, technical specification and policy around banknote families. This session will provide a short overview of the software.